6 Steps to a Healthy Athletic Body

28 Aug , 2016  

Seeing the recent Olympic Games, anyone could agree that athletes remain as great role models in terms of healthy and fit bodies. Of course, their bodies are not achieved overnight; it is carefully built by daily routines, great nutrition and proper motivation.

Now, it should not mean that because you are not an athlete you will no longer have the capacity to build that healthy and athletic body you wanted. It may not be easy, but it is possible. You really have to set yourself a target and commit to the bodybuilding journey.

If this is something that you are passionate and determined to do, then we came up with a list of steps for you to follow to achieve that great looking and healthy athletic body of your dreams:

  1. Condition your mind. Having the want to build the body of your dream is not enough, you have to set your eyes on the prize and develop SMART goals properly. SMART meaning specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. A great plan is your first step in the journey towards a great athletic body; all you have to do is own it. Not everything is going to fall into place, so you have to be prepared with counter measures.
  2. Establish routines. In an attempt to create a plan that is attainable in your level you should be prepared to review routines that are perfect for you to start with. You are by no means going to be able to bench-press a 50 pound barbell for 3 repetitions the first time you do it. You have to start at the beginning because it could be highly dangerous to attempt doing something that you are not yet ready for.
  3. Strengthen core before transitioning to focus areas. Included in the path to an awesome body physique is the core training. Basic exercises that aims to strengthen the muscles that support the important parts of your body. These could be as simple as including planks, Palloff presses and etc. before jumping into the real deal, you have to make sure that your core is ready, you could research more core training programs which you could include in your workout routine to increase effectiveness.
  4. Identify patterns, and document goal plan. If you feel that you are not comfortable in a certain exercise included in your routine, take time to document it and really learn from it. This forms the foundation of where you wanted to be. Most people skip this part by hiring an instructor, which is very useful in providing you with the routines and motivating you. However, because you are not the one who determined it, there is a higher chance for you to skip it.
  5. Consistency is key. Once you have established the routine working for you, this is the time to innovate and experiment. Innovating is important so that you will not get eventually get bored with the exercise and go back to where you started. Going back to square one is definitely a bit demotivating. Adding to the fact that once you are used to a routine, it no longer serves the purpose of challenging you or exercising the muscles you wanted to focus on.
  6. Proper nutrition. Finally, and should we say, the most important aspect of your fitness journey is for it to be backed up by proper nutrition. Eat your greens, get the right amount of healthy carbohydrates, decreasing your sugar intake and choosing lean protein are all essential steps to maintain every day. You will not have the strength to do your exercise, let alone start one, if your body is not healthy. Remember that what makes up your body is much more important than how it looks from the outside, so you better invest on it.

After doing the steps mentioned, you will surely be able to see progress in your lifestyle and feeling the effects of your workout. The athletic body may not be easily observable but if everything is set properly, your journey is not very far. What you need to remember is that discipline is important, in achieving anything. The right discipline coupled with great motivation, is a great recipe for success. Stay relentless!


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