7 Not so Deadly Ways to Work Out

11 Sep , 2016  

When people hear the words “Diet” and “Exercise”, they tend to think of it as a torturous chore – especially the latter word. Too many fad diets have come and gone due to people either splurging on a nasty cheat day, or just not able to keep up because they’re expensive or taste bad (veggies?! No!).  At least, that’s what’s happened to most people. 

That said, people completely gave up on the “Diet” portion, and just went to the “Exercise” bit. Aye, what you take in can and will affect the amount of “work” you have to do to finally wear that favorite shirt or pair of trousers again, but who says it has to be work when you can make it FUN? Most workouts have come from boredom , so we’ve listed 7 ways you can actually take out the work in workout.

 1.       Get in there!

The first not so deadly way to work out starts all in your head. It’s always a battle of wills versus your wonts. You really need to just dive into it. Motivation can always help – friends, especially the ones you trade mean jokes with, can really help. Run a bet with him/her, but don’t make it a big one. Start small.

 “I bet you P500 I can jog from here to there this amount of times without collapsing.”

“I bet you P1,000.00 I can do 3 gym sessions in a week.”

 Surely, you’re not going to lose that money to your buddy just like that, eh? The bets don’t have to revolve around money, but they’re a good way of getting you in the mood to do it. This works with family and loved ones too.

 2.       Start at home.

Gyms are expensive, unless these are the local ones where it’s all weights, and maybe a couple of treadmills or other cardio machines if you’re lucky. Unless you’ve reached a certain point of enthusiasm for getting fit, going to a gym just isn’t worth it unless you’ve got zero room to work out at your place.

 Bodyweight workouts are awesome. You can do them right on your bedroom floor, and the only cost to this is maybe a yoga mat and some weights for the ankles & wrists, if you want to go that far. Push-ups, squats, lunches, shadow boxing, high knees, jumping jacks – there’s so many of them. There’s a cool feeling of accomplishment when you finish a circuit or two. You think “nice, I can lift my own bodyweight a little more now.”, and you’re hitting more than one area at a time. If you Google “Neila Rey workouts”, you’ll see lots of these turn up. We practically got six of these charts – The Night’s Watch, Master Chief, Wolverine, Jedi, Dragonborn and Highlander, one for each day, and chill on Sunday.

 3.       Make a story in your head. Get your mind out of the pain.

Getting in there starts in your head, but being able to keep going often leads you back in there. It happens a lot. For example, when you’re doing The Night’s Watch workout and on your 2nd set, you start thinking you can’t do another set after this, so you just go on autopilot thinking about what you’ll do next after your workout, and just burst on to the 3rd set, and so on. Before you know it you are finishing your 6th set. Just think to yourself “I won’t have to do this again tomorrow… I’ll be having a massage… That’ll be good…”  As you push on.

 4.       Jump a bit, and run to the shower for a cold bath.

As suicidal as that sounds, this actually strengthens your immune system and gets the pain off at the same time. If you saw Floyd Mayweather Jr. working out, once done he just jumps up and down a bit before running to the bathroom and stepping inside this human sized freezer for a few seconds to cool down. Obviously we can’t afford said human sized freezer, so a cold bath works just fine.

5.       Get a buddy to join you.

Once you’ve reached a point where you feel you’ve got your routine down pat, get a friend or a loved one to join you. Remember #3 about taking your mind off of the pain? Same thing here, but it’s more fun and less effort as you’re teaching them, and maybe they’ll challenge you to add more reps, run a longer distance, do another lap, and so on.

 6.       Mix it up.

People who are real fitness buffs have told me this, time and time again, and it’s true. Your body will eventually memorize your routine and it will get used to it sooner or later. One time, doing 3 sets of The Wolverine workout with only 30 seconds rest in between was a breeze. It felt good, and you fail to see that you are getting smaller and smaller results compared to the first few months when you were starting out. Upping the ante by swimming, and buying some ankle & wrist weights to add resistance, will yield better results.

 If you’re constantly running, do some bodyweight workouts or do some swimming, and vice versa. If you feel that last routine you did was too easy and you’re not able to do anything new, just add more reps or do it even faster!

 7.       Take time off, but not too long.

Okay – so this isn’t necessarily a tip for when you’re working out, but it’s an important tip for the overall experience. This kind of relates to #6 as well. Eventually, your body will seriously get used to the routine every time you up the ante by adding reps and trying new things. Adding reps and trying new things will eventually take up more of your time and you might not like that. Why not just take a break right? Lower the reps and maybe even take a few days off. When you get back to what you were originally doing, it’ll feel somewhat like starting all over again – and you’re mixing it up! It gives you something to look forward to, and in the end that’s what it’s all about.


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