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Staying Healthy with Maca

6 Jan , 2017  

When men and women get older, they experience a lot of changes in their body. There’s the feeling that their bones are not as strong as they have before, their libido decreases, usually gets depressed, having a hard time getting pregnant and many more.

That’s why people take Maca supplements, because of its amazing and helpful benefits. It belongs to the radish family that is originally found in Peru. It is a type of nutritious plant that is rich in fiber and has a lot of purpose in our body.

Yes, Maca is believed to have a lot of helpful benefits for both men and women. It also includes vitamins like B, C and is also rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and amino acids.

Here are the benefits of taking Maca supplements:

Helps with Fertility

  • When Incan farmers in Peru noticed that their livestock are healthier whenever they are feeding Maca roots to them and noticed that the animals have healthier babies, that’s when they tried Maca to increase their chances of conceiving and it worked.

Reduces Menopause Symptoms

  • Maca can lessen the symptoms such as mood swings, hot flashes and insomnia. It is one of the amazing benefits of Maca because it can preserve and support hormone balance. Though it does not contain hormones, it can trigger the body to balance the endocrine system.

Relieves Menstrual Cramps

  • It has an impact on normalizing hormone levels and mood levels. Since it has many and high nutrients, density may be one of the reason because it supplies key vitamins and nutrients that may support during menstrual cramps.

Promotes Hair growth

  • Maca is efficient of stimulating hair growth in both men and women who is experiencing thinning of hair.

Reduces or Prevents Osteoporosis

  • Because Maca carries a vitamin called calcium, this can increase strength and density to the bones

Reduces Depression

  • Maca works as an up lifter because of its energizing properties. Since Maca is a kind of food named as an “adaptogen” which is a natural food that supports us manage with stress.

Muscle Build up

  • Because it’s anabolic, it means it can help muscle to build up and it supplies energy. Black Maca is recommended by most either if it’s raw or gelatinized.


  • Maca supplies iron and helps repair red blood cells which helps aid in avoiding anemia and cardiovascular diseases. And can help in speeding up the process of healing wounds.

Skin health

  • Maca can improve to lessen the sensitivity of the skin. It can soothe your skin that deals with supreme weather and temperature. It also preserve the skin to ultraviolet rays.

Taking Maca supplements can help people be stress free, happy and feel more alive, and leave them with a sense of wellbeing and a positive attitude because of its capability to reinstall proper hormone balance and increase happy hormones called endorphins. Just remember not to mix Maca supplements, especially in powder form, in hot meals or drinks because it kills the nutrients of the supplement.

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10 of the Most Effective Whey Protein Powders for Men and Women

18 Sep , 2016  

If you are familiar with body building then, this is not the first time you have encountered the term Whey Protein and perhaps have even taken it as a form of supplement to help you achieve your desired results.

Lifting heavy weights, exercising, running and whatever workout you are doing, you need to make sure that your body is fueled properly while doing them. Mainly, the goal of these fitness routines is to enhance your body physique, sure you’ve got muscles, but they aren’t exactly as ripped as Terry Crews, and that’s what you want to focus on.

So together with proper focus, determination and discipline, your body needs nutritious foods, plus the right amount of protein that would let you shape your body the proper way. Eating a lot of meat is not ideal if you want to get a good amount of protein, so you may consider protein supplements such as whey powder.

Here are the top 10 best whey powders that would provide you with the right amount of protein you need for body building:

1.     100% Whey Gold Standard by Optimum Nutrition – This is one of the top favorites among bodybuilders as it contains 24g or protein per serving. It helps in building lean muscles and regeneration, very crucial when you work out almost every day. With only 120 calories and 1 g of fat, this will surely be able to help you trim your waistline and enhance your muscular form. It contains Glutamic Acid, Glutamine, valine and isoleucine and Leucine, and recognized by the Public Health and Safety Company.

2.     SYNTHA-6 by BSN – This is one of the best tasting whey protein supplements, which was very rare, it tastes like milkshake and surely your intake will be enjoyable. Definitely one the whey protein supplements that could serve as a full meal and contains healthy fat, fiber, and essential amino acids. These will help in building your stamina and improving your endurance which would decrease your risk of getting injured while doing physically exhausting activities.

3.     Pro JYM by JYM – Contains 5.5 g Whey protein isolate, egg albumin, micellar casein and milk protein isolate, all critical in building your muscles. Although a pure whey protein supplement sounds appealing, it does not work as well as those with additional amino acids and other building blocks that help in muscle growth and Pro JYM is heavy on that.

4.     RSP Whey by RSP – has 25g of Protein, low fat and carbs perfect for either pre- or post-workout shake or mixing it in meal replacements.

5.     Combat Powder by MusclePharm – Gluten free, delicious and nutritious whey protein you can mix with shakes or other digestive blend to maximize nutrition.

6.     PHASE8 by Muscle Tech – Contains 97% Whey Protein Isolate and distinctly blend to power your muscles for 8 hours.

7.     COR-Performance Whey by Cellucor – Has 25g of fast –acting whey protein, with appropriate amount of digestive enzyme to make you feel full. Also great tasting, and could be taken as snack, meal replacement or a substitute ingredient for your favorite recipes.

8.     100% Casein Protein Powder by Optimum Nutrition – Comes in wide variety of flavors which contains 24 g of slow digesting micellar casein, and 24g of protein.

9.     CytoGainer by CytoSport – This is a whey protein powder rich in glutamine, doesn’t contain simple sugars, and is fat free which is very delicious. Can be used for intense training.

10.  100% Natural Whey by MET-Rx – This natural whey protein has less cholesterol and saturated fat, and provides you with natural protein which is easily absorbed and delivers maximum results when you work out as it help in the stimulation of muscle protein synthesis.


7 Not so Deadly Ways to Work Out

11 Sep , 2016  

When people hear the words “Diet” and “Exercise”, they tend to think of it as a torturous chore – especially the latter word. Too many fad diets have come and gone due to people either splurging on a nasty cheat day, or just not able to keep up because they’re expensive or taste bad (veggies?! No!).  At least, that’s what’s happened to most people. 

That said, people completely gave up on the “Diet” portion, and just went to the “Exercise” bit. Aye, what you take in can and will affect the amount of “work” you have to do to finally wear that favorite shirt or pair of trousers again, but who says it has to be work when you can make it FUN? Most workouts have come from boredom , so we’ve listed 7 ways you can actually take out the work in workout.

 1.       Get in there!

The first not so deadly way to work out starts all in your head. It’s always a battle of wills versus your wonts. You really need to just dive into it. Motivation can always help – friends, especially the ones you trade mean jokes with, can really help. Run a bet with him/her, but don’t make it a big one. Start small.

 “I bet you P500 I can jog from here to there this amount of times without collapsing.”

“I bet you P1,000.00 I can do 3 gym sessions in a week.”

 Surely, you’re not going to lose that money to your buddy just like that, eh? The bets don’t have to revolve around money, but they’re a good way of getting you in the mood to do it. This works with family and loved ones too.

 2.       Start at home.

Gyms are expensive, unless these are the local ones where it’s all weights, and maybe a couple of treadmills or other cardio machines if you’re lucky. Unless you’ve reached a certain point of enthusiasm for getting fit, going to a gym just isn’t worth it unless you’ve got zero room to work out at your place.

 Bodyweight workouts are awesome. You can do them right on your bedroom floor, and the only cost to this is maybe a yoga mat and some weights for the ankles & wrists, if you want to go that far. Push-ups, squats, lunches, shadow boxing, high knees, jumping jacks – there’s so many of them. There’s a cool feeling of accomplishment when you finish a circuit or two. You think “nice, I can lift my own bodyweight a little more now.”, and you’re hitting more than one area at a time. If you Google “Neila Rey workouts”, you’ll see lots of these turn up. We practically got six of these charts – The Night’s Watch, Master Chief, Wolverine, Jedi, Dragonborn and Highlander, one for each day, and chill on Sunday.

 3.       Make a story in your head. Get your mind out of the pain.

Getting in there starts in your head, but being able to keep going often leads you back in there. It happens a lot. For example, when you’re doing The Night’s Watch workout and on your 2nd set, you start thinking you can’t do another set after this, so you just go on autopilot thinking about what you’ll do next after your workout, and just burst on to the 3rd set, and so on. Before you know it you are finishing your 6th set. Just think to yourself “I won’t have to do this again tomorrow… I’ll be having a massage… That’ll be good…”  As you push on.

 4.       Jump a bit, and run to the shower for a cold bath.

As suicidal as that sounds, this actually strengthens your immune system and gets the pain off at the same time. If you saw Floyd Mayweather Jr. working out, once done he just jumps up and down a bit before running to the bathroom and stepping inside this human sized freezer for a few seconds to cool down. Obviously we can’t afford said human sized freezer, so a cold bath works just fine.

5.       Get a buddy to join you.

Once you’ve reached a point where you feel you’ve got your routine down pat, get a friend or a loved one to join you. Remember #3 about taking your mind off of the pain? Same thing here, but it’s more fun and less effort as you’re teaching them, and maybe they’ll challenge you to add more reps, run a longer distance, do another lap, and so on.

 6.       Mix it up.

People who are real fitness buffs have told me this, time and time again, and it’s true. Your body will eventually memorize your routine and it will get used to it sooner or later. One time, doing 3 sets of The Wolverine workout with only 30 seconds rest in between was a breeze. It felt good, and you fail to see that you are getting smaller and smaller results compared to the first few months when you were starting out. Upping the ante by swimming, and buying some ankle & wrist weights to add resistance, will yield better results.

 If you’re constantly running, do some bodyweight workouts or do some swimming, and vice versa. If you feel that last routine you did was too easy and you’re not able to do anything new, just add more reps or do it even faster!

 7.       Take time off, but not too long.

Okay – so this isn’t necessarily a tip for when you’re working out, but it’s an important tip for the overall experience. This kind of relates to #6 as well. Eventually, your body will seriously get used to the routine every time you up the ante by adding reps and trying new things. Adding reps and trying new things will eventually take up more of your time and you might not like that. Why not just take a break right? Lower the reps and maybe even take a few days off. When you get back to what you were originally doing, it’ll feel somewhat like starting all over again – and you’re mixing it up! It gives you something to look forward to, and in the end that’s what it’s all about.



Our Nutrition Secret for Building Muscle

28 Aug , 2016  

If you are planning to pack on those muscles, remember that you don’t have to abandon all of your favored food to get toned and in shape. You just have to follow a couple of rules and stick to them to accomplish your goal of building muscles.

Nutrition Rules – Muscle Building

Trainers, diet enthusiasts, and bodybuilders know that bodybuilding is made up of more than just fifty percent of nutrition; for beginners and those who had taken some time off from the gym, they would expect to acquire some great development and enhancement when it comes to strength and mass from just regular training programs. However, this is not completely possible without a solid nutritional program.

Remember that the more serious you are when it comes to your nutritional intake, the better your gains will be; and based on research, paying attention to macronutrients (such as fat, carbs, and protein), meal timing, specific supplements, as well as calories will have a big impact to your results. Here are some of the basic nutrition and supplement rules that everyone, especially beginners, should maintain and learn indefinitely.

Focus on Protein

It’s best to take in at least a gram of protein per pound of one’s body weight since this provides adequate amounts of amino acids that are necessary for the enhancement of muscle protein. Though it is said that the necessary daily allowance for protein is less than half a gram of your bodyweight, it is said that athletes, especially those who are focused on muscle mass and strength development are required to increase that said amount.

Focus on Carbohydrates

They say that everyday, you should take about two to three grams of carbs per pound of your bodyweight; protein is one of the most important macronutrients for growing muscles while carbohydrates are close too. When stored in the muscles, these carbohydrates are called glycogen which keeps your muscles large and full while simultaneously fueling them during workouts.

Do Not Avoid Fat

About thirty percent of your daily calorie intake should be acquired from fat and unlike most individuals who are advised to stay away from fat intake (especially saturated fat), it is said that five to ten percent of the fat calories that you take in should be saturated. This is because diets with higher fat content – especially those that are higher in saturated and mono-saturated fat – appear to maintain better levels of testosterone compared to low-fat diets. Remember that keeping adequate amounts of testosterone is crucial for building and developing strength and muscle mass that will also help avoid fat gain.

Things to Eat for Building Muscles

Generally, there are hundreds of different types of food that can aid in muscle building yet there are a few that are highly efficient when it comes to this. Also, there are available food that help cover a lot of nutritional needs to avoid losing any necessary muscles. Here are some of those specific needs that are necessary for muscle building:

–         Protein is necessary for repairing and building muscles, as well as other tissues

–         To encourage growth of proper hormones while simultaneously reducing inflammation, you should get adequate amounts of fat

–         Vitamins, phytonutrients, and minerals are necessary to support your general health

–         You will need nutrient-dense calories to give off sufficient amounts of energy

As for the food, here are the some of the best and most effective kinds of nutritional food that you should eat for successfully building and strengthening muscles:


When we’re talking about all-around excellent food to build muscles, the best food there is, is salmon. Salmon is packed with protein and great amounts of omega-3 fatty acids – both being excellent nutrients for repairing and building muscle tissues while also keeping your hunger on track. Furthermore, salmon is also rich in nutrients such as Vitamin D, selenium, niacin, Vitamin B12 and D.  Other health benefits that are linked with salmon include improving your memory as well as cholesterol reduction.

Cottage Cheese

This is not known to all but cottage cheese is almost entirely made of casein protein; this is a slow-digesting type of protein which only means that it is perfect for maintaining muscles; plus, it is also very efficient for those who go for long periods without really eating. Additionally, cottage cheese is also known as an excellent source of calcium, vitamin B1, as well as other vital nutrients.


The perfect protein – eggs have the ability to develop and enhance lean muscle and strength gains with the help of its yolks where all the cholesterol is located. If you are somewhat worried about cholesterol from the yolks, these have been shown to drop the amounts of bad cholesterol particles that are linked to atherosclerosis.


The polyphenols contained in apples aid in the enhancement of muscle strength while also preventing muscle fatigue, allowing you go through more rigorous training sessions for longer periods. It has also be found that these polyphenols can further increase your body’s fat burning properties as well, which is why experts suggest eating apples before any workout session.





6 Steps to a Healthy Athletic Body

28 Aug , 2016  

Seeing the recent Olympic Games, anyone could agree that athletes remain as great role models in terms of healthy and fit bodies. Of course, their bodies are not achieved overnight; it is carefully built by daily routines, great nutrition and proper motivation.

Now, it should not mean that because you are not an athlete you will no longer have the capacity to build that healthy and athletic body you wanted. It may not be easy, but it is possible. You really have to set yourself a target and commit to the bodybuilding journey.

If this is something that you are passionate and determined to do, then we came up with a list of steps for you to follow to achieve that great looking and healthy athletic body of your dreams:

  1. Condition your mind. Having the want to build the body of your dream is not enough, you have to set your eyes on the prize and develop SMART goals properly. SMART meaning specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. A great plan is your first step in the journey towards a great athletic body; all you have to do is own it. Not everything is going to fall into place, so you have to be prepared with counter measures.
  2. Establish routines. In an attempt to create a plan that is attainable in your level you should be prepared to review routines that are perfect for you to start with. You are by no means going to be able to bench-press a 50 pound barbell for 3 repetitions the first time you do it. You have to start at the beginning because it could be highly dangerous to attempt doing something that you are not yet ready for.
  3. Strengthen core before transitioning to focus areas. Included in the path to an awesome body physique is the core training. Basic exercises that aims to strengthen the muscles that support the important parts of your body. These could be as simple as including planks, Palloff presses and etc. before jumping into the real deal, you have to make sure that your core is ready, you could research more core training programs which you could include in your workout routine to increase effectiveness.
  4. Identify patterns, and document goal plan. If you feel that you are not comfortable in a certain exercise included in your routine, take time to document it and really learn from it. This forms the foundation of where you wanted to be. Most people skip this part by hiring an instructor, which is very useful in providing you with the routines and motivating you. However, because you are not the one who determined it, there is a higher chance for you to skip it.
  5. Consistency is key. Once you have established the routine working for you, this is the time to innovate and experiment. Innovating is important so that you will not get eventually get bored with the exercise and go back to where you started. Going back to square one is definitely a bit demotivating. Adding to the fact that once you are used to a routine, it no longer serves the purpose of challenging you or exercising the muscles you wanted to focus on.
  6. Proper nutrition. Finally, and should we say, the most important aspect of your fitness journey is for it to be backed up by proper nutrition. Eat your greens, get the right amount of healthy carbohydrates, decreasing your sugar intake and choosing lean protein are all essential steps to maintain every day. You will not have the strength to do your exercise, let alone start one, if your body is not healthy. Remember that what makes up your body is much more important than how it looks from the outside, so you better invest on it.

After doing the steps mentioned, you will surely be able to see progress in your lifestyle and feeling the effects of your workout. The athletic body may not be easily observable but if everything is set properly, your journey is not very far. What you need to remember is that discipline is important, in achieving anything. The right discipline coupled with great motivation, is a great recipe for success. Stay relentless!