Our Nutrition Secret for Building Muscle

28 Aug , 2016  

If you are planning to pack on those muscles, remember that you don’t have to abandon all of your favored food to get toned and in shape. You just have to follow a couple of rules and stick to them to accomplish your goal of building muscles.

Nutrition Rules – Muscle Building

Trainers, diet enthusiasts, and bodybuilders know that bodybuilding is made up of more than just fifty percent of nutrition; for beginners and those who had taken some time off from the gym, they would expect to acquire some great development and enhancement when it comes to strength and mass from just regular training programs. However, this is not completely possible without a solid nutritional program.

Remember that the more serious you are when it comes to your nutritional intake, the better your gains will be; and based on research, paying attention to macronutrients (such as fat, carbs, and protein), meal timing, specific supplements, as well as calories will have a big impact to your results. Here are some of the basic nutrition and supplement rules that everyone, especially beginners, should maintain and learn indefinitely.

Focus on Protein

It’s best to take in at least a gram of protein per pound of one’s body weight since this provides adequate amounts of amino acids that are necessary for the enhancement of muscle protein. Though it is said that the necessary daily allowance for protein is less than half a gram of your bodyweight, it is said that athletes, especially those who are focused on muscle mass and strength development are required to increase that said amount.

Focus on Carbohydrates

They say that everyday, you should take about two to three grams of carbs per pound of your bodyweight; protein is one of the most important macronutrients for growing muscles while carbohydrates are close too. When stored in the muscles, these carbohydrates are called glycogen which keeps your muscles large and full while simultaneously fueling them during workouts.

Do Not Avoid Fat

About thirty percent of your daily calorie intake should be acquired from fat and unlike most individuals who are advised to stay away from fat intake (especially saturated fat), it is said that five to ten percent of the fat calories that you take in should be saturated. This is because diets with higher fat content – especially those that are higher in saturated and mono-saturated fat – appear to maintain better levels of testosterone compared to low-fat diets. Remember that keeping adequate amounts of testosterone is crucial for building and developing strength and muscle mass that will also help avoid fat gain.

Things to Eat for Building Muscles

Generally, there are hundreds of different types of food that can aid in muscle building yet there are a few that are highly efficient when it comes to this. Also, there are available food that help cover a lot of nutritional needs to avoid losing any necessary muscles. Here are some of those specific needs that are necessary for muscle building:

–         Protein is necessary for repairing and building muscles, as well as other tissues

–         To encourage growth of proper hormones while simultaneously reducing inflammation, you should get adequate amounts of fat

–         Vitamins, phytonutrients, and minerals are necessary to support your general health

–         You will need nutrient-dense calories to give off sufficient amounts of energy

As for the food, here are the some of the best and most effective kinds of nutritional food that you should eat for successfully building and strengthening muscles:


When we’re talking about all-around excellent food to build muscles, the best food there is, is salmon. Salmon is packed with protein and great amounts of omega-3 fatty acids – both being excellent nutrients for repairing and building muscle tissues while also keeping your hunger on track. Furthermore, salmon is also rich in nutrients such as Vitamin D, selenium, niacin, Vitamin B12 and D.  Other health benefits that are linked with salmon include improving your memory as well as cholesterol reduction.

Cottage Cheese

This is not known to all but cottage cheese is almost entirely made of casein protein; this is a slow-digesting type of protein which only means that it is perfect for maintaining muscles; plus, it is also very efficient for those who go for long periods without really eating. Additionally, cottage cheese is also known as an excellent source of calcium, vitamin B1, as well as other vital nutrients.


The perfect protein – eggs have the ability to develop and enhance lean muscle and strength gains with the help of its yolks where all the cholesterol is located. If you are somewhat worried about cholesterol from the yolks, these have been shown to drop the amounts of bad cholesterol particles that are linked to atherosclerosis.


The polyphenols contained in apples aid in the enhancement of muscle strength while also preventing muscle fatigue, allowing you go through more rigorous training sessions for longer periods. It has also be found that these polyphenols can further increase your body’s fat burning properties as well, which is why experts suggest eating apples before any workout session.