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Ten of the Best Muscle Enhancers of Today

11 Sep , 2016  

Body building, gaining mass, or building on important muscles to either boost your health or self-esteem has always been an activity most people are interested in. There are a lot of muscle enhancers available today competing for your attention that promises awesome results in just a couple of weeks’ usage.

If you are new in the world of body building, then you might have been bombarded with the options you could choose from, but the question is, why do you need one?

Muscle enhancers are over the counter products that enables you to build on your lean muscle, if you ever wonder why you are still skinny despite actively going to the gym, then you might consider giving them a second look. They are over the counter because they are considered safe for consumption as some would just contain essential protein and amino acids relevant in maximizing your muscle growth capacity.

Now the search for the best muscle enhancer that would fit your needs may be daunting, so we’ve came up with the best of the best, in no particular order.

Alpha Fuel XT is your best bet in achieving muscle growth partnered with increased sexual drive, and who wouldn’t want that? It focuses on lean muscles growth, and also improves metabolism. Once started on the Alpha Fuel XT, you would notice a significant boost on your energy and vigor, which would directly affect your weightlifting performance in a positive way. Having it in capsule form is also helpful in easily consuming the product, think vitamins for your muscles.

Maxtropin Male is a muscle enhancer that takes care of your testosterone levels. Increased levels of testosterone can result to muscle growth and achieving balance in the endocrine system. Having a healthy amount of testosterone is good, but with a quick boost, you will notice the huge difference. You will feel the bulk and shorten period of recovery, meaning you could exercise more often and recuperate effectively.

Vigorous Muscle Maximizer contains L-citruline which enables oxygen and blood to flow healthily in your bloodstream. This enables you to effectively maximize power during rigorous training. L-Arginine that boosts muscle building while you exercise and Citulline Mallate that prevents you from feeling easily tired. It will give you overall efficiency to complete your daily vigorous strength trainings.

ProMuscle Fit lets you achieve your muscles maximum capacity, recover easily from hardcore gym training and provide you with unlimited supply of energy. Not to mention the ripped muscle that you truly desire. Packed with super-active amino acids, this supplement is great to take even before hitting the gym. Have twice the power and endurance every day.

RealNitro has the formulation that is best suited for bodybuilders, athletes and health buffs that are keen on increasing their performance levels. The RealNitro has ingredients that speeds up metabolism and detoxifies the body. What more is that it is made up of healthy blend of certain herbs and plans, including vital minerals. You are not only building up body mass with this supplement, but also enhancing important body processes such as blood flow and oxygenation. Some of the components of this product includes L-Taurine, an antioxidant responsible for dilating blood vessels for increased blood flow and Nitrous Oxide Powder which gives you the necessary positive emotional state.

NO2 Maximus similar to the RealNitro also contains Nitrous Oxide Powder, means it’s also a great pre workout supplement. It is made up of L-Arginine HCL, L-Arginine AKG, and Citrulline Malate, the trifecta for building muscle mass which does not leave behind the important functions of the body. This supplement is recommended to be taken at least 3 times a day, if you are serious on gaining some real ripped sort of muscles.

Power Pump XL is not only for health buffs, and professional athletes, this formula is also great for weightlifters because it aims to release healthy flow of testosterone in the body. In appropriate doses the formula will be able to give you clearer mental focus and the power that would drive you in completing your workout. What more is that the Power Pump XL is safe to use as it functions within the capabilities of our body. Once in the body, it also increases the body’s fat burning functions, to a leaner and more muscular you.

HT-Rush is the one you should rely on when you want higher energy levels, making you workout like crazy to easily achieve your desired results. This supplement is also all natural, containing elements that would give your testosterone levels a healthy boost, because of its Fenugreek Extract content. Your endurance will also no longer be a problem, as the HT-Rush will give you the power you need to continue enhancing your muscle mass.

Black Label NO could help you in overcoming your training plateau. It is a great pre workout supplement that concentrates in giving you the energy and stamina to push harder and perform better than you ever did before. With each repetition, you could be weakened and put to a stop, but with Black Label NO, you will be able to go forward and propagate. With the right amount of protein intake, you will see huge difference in your muscle growth and be able to be ripped in no time.

Bio Muscle XR is the one to use when you need focus and strength. It’s the muscle enhancer that boosts your mood as well. It contains essential vitamins, minerals and herbs that are important in giving your strength even during the toughest workouts. The formulation of L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, and Dipotassium Posphate certainly works its magic.

So, whether you feel the need to push your workout potential to the maximum or just raring to sport a healthy muscular physique, these supplements could come in handy. There are no two products that might work the same way but generally they aim to yield the same results and that is to provide you with the capacity to maximize your muscles full potential.


An Olympian Who Moves Like No Other – Gabby Douglas

11 Sep , 2016  

As the inspiring 2016 Rio Olympic song words it, “…you can be the greatest, you can be the best… standing in the hall of fame, and the World’s gonna know your name…” Meet the amazing gymnast who made it, gave it, and proved that she deserves to belong to the Olympics hall of fame.

USA have their heads up high and proud for Gabby Douglas, born 1995, and an artistic gymnast, first obtained her gold Olympics medal in the 2012 Summer Olympics and recently won the gold medal in the team competition of the 2016 Rio Olympics. She has become a public figure for being the first American gymnast in Olympic history to have obtained both the individual all-around and the team competition gold medal. She truly brought honor to her country and race.

They say she “moves like no other”. Watch her as she throws a double off beam. Her beam routines are notorious. Awesome balancing act. She earned favor in the eyes of the national-team coordinator because of her effortless but breath-taking height on the uneven bars.

High-Flying Flips

These acrobatic moves involve rotating one or more times while airborne. Apparently, Gabby took the breath of the audience when she performed effortlessly such almost-impossible stunts.

The Crazy Combo

This happens when one flawlessly combines a difficult move with another breath-taking stunt, typically a combination of tumbling stunts and a flip, a totally dangerous move that requires strength, coordination and talent.

The double-twisting vault

Imagine a vault consisting of a half turn off the springboard on to the vault table, then a push backwards, usually into a back salto or layout. It’s just too risky to try but our hall of fame gymnast was not scared to show it off and defy gravity.

The Double Arabian is the dizzying pass that includes half twist and two front flips, truly amazing! A front flip is an advanced gymnastics move. It takes much preparation that involves much stretching and practice.

The flying squirrel is her popular moniker, earned for her outstanding aerial performance.

We are sure Gabby never fails to do her essential stretching routine. Here are some great stretching warm up routines to help you get ready for a legit gymnastic move.

  • Stretch your neck and shoulder. Rolling your shoulders forward and backward then your head clockwise and then counter clockwise in circular motion will give your neck and cranial muscles a good warm up.
  • Stretch your wrists. With your hand held out in front, gently stretch your fingers back toward you. Feel the carpal muscles get that much-needed stretching before a difficult workout.
  • Stretch your hamstrings. On a standing position, fold on leg up until your ankle reaches your butt. Pull your foot back as long and as far back as you can.
  • Stretch your ankle. Sit down. Cross one ankle over the knee of the other and move it in a circular motion. Switch and do the same to the other ankle.

Simple stretching techniques are great warm up routines for optimal performance and to avoid injuries. Always include them in your workout for great results and lesser risk of injuries.


5 Best Workouts for the New You

28 Aug , 2016  

You have to admit, people this time and age struggle to balance time and energy over certain priorities that often times make life a little bit overwhelming, and in terms of staying fit, somewhat frustrating. But hey, cheer up we’ve come up with these 5 best recommended exercise workouts for the busy you!

1.      Walking. On top of the experts’ list is walking. It hasn’t failed, ever! They claim that any exercise program must have a cardiovascular workout that both strengthens the heart and burns calories at the same time. It can be done everywhere, anytime, without any gym equipment except a good comfortable pair of shoes. Research found that brisk walking can potentially burn up to 500 calories in just an hour. Experts say it takes burning 3500 calories to burn a pound, so if you do the math, that’s a pound lost for every seven hours of walking! But of course, you need to do it gradually, increasing time and frequency every session.

2.      Interval training is another good recommendation from our experts. It is simply varying your pace throughout the workout session. It increases the potential of one’s aerobic system to burn calories. People who go for interval training pushes the intensity or pace for about a minute or two, depending on one’s stamina then backing off from anywhere for two to ten minutes depending on how long you want to work out and how much time you need to recover. Doing this throughout the workout will do you wonder in less than the time that you expect.

3.      Squats. Because strength training is an essential workout as experts hold it, we recommend a good number of squats in your workout routine.  This effective and efficient workout targets multiple muscle group especially those that work the hamstrings, quadriceps, and gluteal. This is why squatting is an all-time favorite because it’s easy to remember, uncomplicated, and they use the most muscle groups at once. For that perfect squat, follow these simple, sure-hit steps: keep your feet shoulder-width apart and your back straight.  Keep your knee over the ankle as you bend and lower your rear. It’s like sitting on a chair without the chair!

4.      Push-ups is also an all-time favorite. It can strengthen the triceps, the chest, the shoulders, and even the core trunk muscles, all at the same time! If you are the type of person interested in yoga, or planking exercises, you can combine these exercises with good regular push-ups. Anyone at any level can take advantage of this classic workout exercise. Vary the style and give yourself a challenge. Ask your fitness coach for more effective and fun push-up variations.

5.      Abdominal Crunches. Of course, we don’t want to miss out on the workout that will give us those flat, firm abs everyone fancy about. This makes our next recommended exercise on our top 5 – abdominal crunches. Our doctors say that when done properly, this simple but ever-reliable workout is a great choice to achieve your fancied abs. Try to do your normal crunches with your feet off the floor while your knees are bent. This gives certain effort on the abdomen by engaging the hip flexors and arching the back better. Be cautious, however, because when not done properly, it may cause harm or injury. Always remember that doing crunches doesn’t burn the fat over the abdominals, they work the ab muscles. So, determine first how to get rid of the belly but using up more calories than what you take in.

There you have our 5 best recommended exercises. Experts guarantee that if we do them with good technique and care, they will yield the results you want to get.