Muscle Building Supplements

Muscle Building Supplements

In most health shops, you have probably seen a lot of body building supplements present – these are actually dietary supplements that are created specifically for individuals who are involved in activities such as bodybuilding, weight training or lifting, as well as athletics. The most commonly used supplements are vitamins, branched-chain amino acids or BCAA, protein, meal replacement products, essential fatty acids, weight loss products or dietary supplements, and also the testosterone boosters around.

Generally, muscle building supplements are sold as single ingredients for preparation, or they can be sold in the form of stacks – a proprietary mix of a variety of supplements that claim to offer synergizing advantages. A lot of people take these bodybuilding supplements to enhance their muscles, body, and physique; but for bodybuilders, the frequency of use when it comes to these supplements varies compared to most individuals. Moreover, muscle building supplements are also marketed as products that enhance weight gain, to replace meals, promote weight loss, and to improve athletic performance.

Yet despite its benefits and uses for muscle enhancement and the body, muscle building supplements will never be able to replace the body’s proper nutrition, but it can definitely help you reach your fitness goals better and faster. These supplements are also great since these complement your diet and also help cover any nutrient gaps that you have, ensuring that your body has all the necessary elements to reach its peak performance. It does not matter what your training goals are, as long as you select the right and proper muscle building supplements, you will be able to easily improve your performance, physique, and health.

Best Types of Muscle Building Supplements A lot of people assume that building muscles is just lifting big weights, staying long hours in the gym, eating lots of protein, and doing these over and over. It may seem this way yet building muscles is not a simple task and you would think that taking muscle building supplements will be the answer to achieve your goals. However, before you even plan to purchase tons of these supplements to reach your goals, it is best that you learn more about things related to these supplements.


A lot of men believe that once they take creatine, they will easily grow; however, this is not how it works which is why it is vital that you get a better understanding of what creatine is all about. Creatine will generally aid you in putting and exerting all the hard work right at the gym, and this happens by replenishing the creatine phosphate that is vital for muscles, especially during workouts or weight lifting. Creatine is known to be an organic acid that naturally occurs in the body; it also provides adequate amounts of energy to a man’s muscle cells for short and quick bursts of energy.


if you notice, most bodybuilders supplement their diets with quality protein since it is one of the most convenient, affordable – compared to fish and meat products, and it is also to avoid consuming too much fat and carbohydrates. Though there are some people who claim that bodybuilders and even weightlifters are required to take in higher amounts of protein to further support their goals of growing muscles; yet based on research, there is no factual evidence, nor is there any scientific consensus available to prove these claims. Protein supplements are usually sold as those popular ready to drink shakes, meal replacement products, bars, gel, oats, and powder.


This is another highly efficient supplement that should be included in your muscle building program since it is a natural element present in the body. Glutamine is known as one of the most abundant amino acids found in your muscles which is also commonly present in supplements or as a soluble powder. Moreover, it has been said that glutamine is also highly beneficial when it comes to increasing T-helping or suppressor cell ratios for long distance runners.

Muscle Building Supplement Issues

According to studies from the University of Helsinki, it is said that almost 95% of the claims of these dietary supplements are incorrect; while a lot of these claims are said to be based on scientific processes, their use for bodybuilding is often sugar-coated by the industry’s marketing strategies to pique the interests of users. In addition to this, the ingredients that are listed on its label are often different compared to its actual contents where some even contain unsafe levels of cadmium, arsenic, mercury, etc.

Based on reports, there have been claims that some of the users of these supplements have also acquired health problems; one of the popular bodybuilding supplements was found to contain unmentioned amphetamine-like elements while other products are known to have dangerous contents that cause blindness and even liver damage.

This is the reason why doing a little research on such products is best before testing these out, or better, seek the aid of a professional to learn more about the supplements you wish to use for bodybuilding.