Physical Signs of Low Testosterone in Men

11 Sep , 2016  

Some people may think that decreased levels of testosterone or testosterone deficiency is nothing serious and it is just something that comes along with age; however, it is no laughing matter and it should be taken seriously. Based on research, it is said that men without adequate amounts of testosterone levels are prone to higher risks of serious illnesses such as osteoporosis, diabetes, as well as cardiovascular diseases.

Testosterone is indeed a very vital hormone for men since from an early stage during puberty, the hormone helps in the development and growth of the penis and testes; plus, it is also vital when it comes to the growth of pubic and facial hair, as well as the deepening of a male’s voice. It does not stop there since testosterone continues to play a vital role even after a male’s teenage years; testosterone boosts a man’s libido while also improving their mood. So when the levels of testosterone are low, it will have a negative effect on any male’s physical and emotional health.

If a man experiences any of these symptoms of low testosterone, seeking help from a doctor should be the first thing to do to inquire about their levels of testosterone. For those who are experiencing low testosterone levels, there are a couple of treatments that can surely aid in the improvement of their sexual responses and strength which will definitely get their testosterone levels back, as mentioned in this Spartagen xt review, which is considered as one of the best testosterone boosters in today’s market.

Here are some of the physical signs that display low levels of testosterone in men:

Hair Loss

Testosterone is indeed very important for a man’s body to function properly since this hormone also aids in the production of hair as well. It is normal for men to eventually grow bald since it is known to be a natural part of aging; however, those with lower levels of testosterone can also experience loss of facial and bodily hair.

Loss or Reduced Muscle Mass

When loss of or decreased muscle mass is mentioned, people assume that men turn into weak individuals; this is not the case since men with low levels of testosterone only feel that they do not have enough strength compared to how they felt when they were younger. Based on research, it is said that some men who experience low levels of testosterone notice that their leg, arm, and chest muscles tend to shrink; and if they attempt to lift weights or build their muscles, these men end up frustrated since they have a hard time achieving this.

Increased Body Fat

Men who are experiencing low testosterone levels may also notice an increase in body fat and particularly, they could even develop a condition in which they can get enlarged breasts (gynecomastia). Though experts still haven’t found any clear reasons behind this occurrence, it has been suggested that the levels of testosterone in a man’s body is what affects this since it influences the way the male’s body stores fat.


For men who are experiencing a drop in their testosterone levels, they are most likely experiencing shrinkage in their testicles. When men have decreased levels of testosterone, it can actually cause their testicles to slightly shrink, plus it will also feel softer than usual.

Decrease in Bone Mass

Thinning or decrease in bone mass (osteoporosis) is usually a condition connected only to women; however, males with low testosterone levels also experience bone loss since the hormone helps in the strengthening and the production of a male’s bone mass. So men who are experiencing a decrease in their testosterone levels are more susceptible to bone fractures.

Fatigue and Lack of Energy

It has been reported that males who are experiencing low levels of testosterone have extreme fatigue and a very noticeable drop in their energy levels. When males get tired easily and become sluggish most of the time even if they get adequate amounts of sleep, or if they are having a difficult time motivating themselves to exercise or head to the gym, they are most likely experiencing a drop in testosterone levels since these are common physical signs of males who experience this.

Hot Flashes

Hot flashes and night sweating are usually linked to a woman’s hormonal imbalance especially during their menopausal stage; however, night sweating can also be experienced by men and these can be related to the levels of hormones – since testosterone is a dominant hormone in males, this occurrence has been connected to low levels of testosterone.

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